Tools used to build these pages
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Web Tools

Tools used to build these pages

Mouse Pad Mouse Pad's Genealogy Graphics The only site I have found with Free Genealogy Graphics.
Pixel Sight Logo PixelSight was a great free site which allowed you to build nice graphics. The buttons at the top of my pages and Main graphic headings were all were built with PixelSight. However as of Sep 1, 97 it is being changed to a pay site and is no longer accepting any new users.
AOL Press Most pages on this site were created using AOLPRESS, a free editor from AOL. It not only works in WYSIWYG mode but you also have direct access to the HTML.
GED2HTML A program to convert GEDCOM files to HTML, This is the program I use to place my family tree on these pages. The site now has beta of version 3.0. This version has a template language which is very similar to a "normal" programming language. This allowed me to do major customization of the output, such as add georeward banners, graphic buttons and menu buttons on people and surnames pages.
Family Tree Maker. This is the program by Broderbund that I use to keep track of my Family Tree.

Lacy Links

My oldest brother, Johnnie Lacy, has a Web page on the 50's
Johnnie's wife, Lois Lacy, has her Web page Appalachain Quilts.  
My brother, Grady Lacy, has a Web page which includes pictures including a copy our great grandfather's family.
My son, Robert Lacy, has started his own Web page.
The Lacey Home Page. It has lots of information on various branches of the Lacy/Lacey family. I am an advisor to the page.
The Lacy Genealogist Homepage Steve Lacy, who publishes the Lacy Letter, has created yet another homepage for the Lacy family.
Rose's Genealogy Page This is Rose Edwards' Page. She has some Lacy's in her family tree, which includes my 3rd great grandfather John Lacy.
Steve Lacy's Family Website by Steve Lacy, who publishes the Lacy Letter.

Genealogy Links


Queries on "Lacey Home Page".
Queries on "Lacy Genealogist Homepage"

Cyndi's Construction Site

Cyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit Cyndi of Cyndi's List has a page on how to build a Genealogy Site. There is a lots of good information here.


Genealogy Gateway(TM) by Steve Lacy of Steve Lacy's Family Website and the Lacy Genealogist Homepage

Most Wanted

Genealogy's Most Wanted On these pages you will find the Surnames and known information on a person that is "MOST WANTED".
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet As of Nov 20, 1996 this site has Over 10,050 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 50 categories.
CLIO -- The National Archives Information Server
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter A Weekly Summary of Events and Topics of Interest to Online Genealogists
Genealogy Online
The Genealogy Home Page is affiliated with the Genealogy Forum on CompuServeŽ and also the Genealogy Vendors' Support Forum on CompuServeŽ.
GenServ - Genealogical Server Information !
Georgia GENWEB Project
The Internet Sleuth - Genealogy
Middleton Genealogy is My Hobby!
Mosey Manor - A geocities neighbor with genealogy information.
National Genealogical Society - Home Page
The RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative Check the Roots Surname List here.
Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Search
Traveller Southern Families
USGenWeb Project
Webified Genealogy
WWW Genealogical Index

Web Tools

Web Wizards' World has information on web design, be sure to check out his hints page, and examples page.
Doctor HTML is a Web page analysis tool which retrieves an HTML page and reports on any problems that it finds.

ICONZ'S logo

Some graphics on these pages are from ICONZ'S.
URL Minder The URL-Minder is a free service which keeps track of Web pages (and other Internet resources) and sends you e-mail when the pages you register change. The URL-Minder is your own personal Web robot: it keeps tabs on pages that are important to you, so you can spend your time doing other things!

Miscellaneous Links

A former co-worker of mine Mike Sieweke is on a bicycle tour of America. You can check on his progress at his home page.

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